UPDATE: Lynton's memorial service will be on Saturday 1 June at 1.00pm at St Mary's, Bourne Street, London SW1. All are welcome.

Following correspondence with Lynton's family. we are sad to provide official confirmation that Lynton Black died suddenly and unexpectedly on Thursday 31 January 2019 at his home in Yorkshire. The cause of his death is unknown but is believed to have been heart-related.

The funeral will take place in Yorkshire and will be a private service for family and close friends, to whom personal invitations have already been issued.

Donations may be made in memory of Lynton to The Royal Society of Musicians, 26 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6BT


Letters and cards of condolence may be sent to Lynton's mother; please contact Paul Grier or Stephen Henderson (see below) for her address.

Respecting Lynton's strongly expressed wishes and those of his family, there will be a High Mass of Requiem later this year at St Mary's, Bourne Street, London SW1, probably in the late Spring or early Summer, which we hope will be well attended by Lynton's friends and colleagues. More details will be available when arrangements are finalised.

Please direct any enquiries to Paul Grier or Stephen Henderson.